Watch: The 17 greatest moments in NHL history

Sports Illustrated counts down hockey's 17 greatest moments: From Flyin' Bobby Orr to Wayne Gretzky's trade to L.A. to one star's notorious last game in Montreal. For more on SI's celebration of the NHL's 100th anniversary, visit

17. Patrick Kane's Phantom Goal

16. Last Game in Montreal

15. Believe

14. Too Many Men

13. Coach Saves the Day

12. Sid and Ovie's Epic Duel

11. The Miracle on Manchester

10. The Comeback

9. Freezing Out the Pain

8. Tradition Born of Tragedy

7. Five Goals, Five Ways

6. Changing the Face of the Game

5. Mr. Hockey's Standing Ovation

4. 50 in 39

3. The Guarantee on Broadway

2. Gretzky to Kings

1. Bobby Orr Takes Flight


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