Cody Blick's Stolen Clubs Were Found in a Homeless Man's Tent

Back in December, Cody Blick pulled off one of the more impressive feats of the year in golf. 

On the eve of the final round of Tour qualifying school, Blick sat three shots outside the top 40, which is where he needed to finish to get some staus for the upcoming Tour season. Then, an absolute nightmare scenario became a reality—he had his clubs stolen

Blick offered a $5,000 reward on Instagram for the return of his clubs, but they didn't turn up in time for the final round. 

Blick through together a hodge-podge set for what would be arguably the most pressure-packed round of his life: the course superintendent's driver, "random" irons, the pro-shop's wedges and a heavier-than-usual-putter. 

He would shoot a nine-under 63 to move inside the top 40 and guarantee himself eight Tour starts in the 2019 season. A truly unbelievable story. 

On Friday, Blick announced on Instagram that the clubs were found inside a homeless man's tent, under an underpass, and that there was significant damage to the set. 

Here's the story, which Blick told Golf Digest. An Arizona woman bought the clubs off the homeless man for $75. She then saw the name printed on the bag and googled Blick, discovering his Q-School nightmare story. She then managed to get in contact with his mother, who told Blick via text message that she had the set. Blick's father offered to buy the set, which had significant damage, back for $300. The woman quickly agreed, and the sticks were returned shortly thereafter. 

A happy ending to quite the roller-coaster ride. 


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