Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Teen Who RKO’d His Principal Arrested Again for Pulling Same Stunt at Mall

Maybe now he’ll learn

A Miami high school student who was arrested last week after attempting a pro wrestling move on his principal was jailed again for doing the same thing on a fake alligator at a mall.

Gianny Sosa-Hernandez, 18, spent two nights in jail after his first arrest before a judge ruled he was eligible for pre-trial services and ordered him released. He was arrested again Monday on charges of criminal mischief stemming from a stunt at a shopping center, according to WPLG Local 10

Video posted on Instagram by Sosa-Hernandez on April 3 shows the teen throwing the fake alligator in a water feature and performing WWE wrestler Randy Orton’s signature RKO finishing move on it before flipping it over for the pin.

Police only became aware of the incident after seeing the video online, according to WPLG. 

The alligator, which is valued at $3,690, was allegedly damaged in the stunt, according to CBS Miami.

Sosa-Hernandez’s Instagram account features videos of him pulling a variety of stupid stunts, like pantomiming sex on a bed at a furniture store, doing a backflip off of a shelf at Walmart and jumping over two fences to hop into a stranger’s pool.

Sosa-Hernandez appears to have been released from jail; a search on the Miami-Dade Corrections website pulls up no results for his name as of Thursday morning. 

The teen got off easy in the case involving his principal, with his lawyer arguing that it was just a joke and that “everyone knows wrestling is fake.” It is unclear if this new arrest could impact the first case, according to CBS Miami.

Tim Anderson started a fight with a batflip

The benches cleared in Chicago yesterday afternoon thanks White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson unleashing a massive bat flip after his fourth-inning homer. 

The threats of violence came two innings later when Royals pitcher Brad Keller plunked Anderson. Managers Ned Yost and Rick Renteria almost started fighting themselves. 

Anderson’s bat flip and Keller’s retaliation started a conversation across the league, including from Blue Jays outfielder Randal Grichuk who called out Anderson without mentioning him by name. Anderson’s response was pretty perfect, but Grichuk tried to act like he wasn’t talking about him. 

The best of SI

Former NBA player Jerrod Mustaf is celebrated as a community leader, but he was also tied to the murder of an ex-girlfriend. ... Being perhaps the best lacrosse player ever hasn’t saved Lyle Thompson from racist taunts. ... D.K. Metcalf is an athletic freak, but will that translate to NFL success?

Around the sports world

Michael Sam has been through a lot since he left football. ... Gio Gonzalez is in the minors with the Yankees and buying Nikes for his teammates and putting arcade games in the clubhouse. ... This kid on Reddit literally ate his hat after saying he would if the Blue Jackets beat the Lightning. ... You can buy David Cone’s Manhattan apartment if you have an extra $10 million. ... The AAF is officially dead after filing for bankruptcy

Make the shot if you’re going to do this

The Blue Jays should probably call up Vlad Jr.

VICIOUS dunk by Giannis

The Celtics mounted a furious comeback to take a 2–0 lead on the Pacers

Don’t try this at home

The Falcons had the best schedule reveal

Overtime game-winner!

Are you going to play fast or not?

That’s one way to celebrate a save

It’s always nice to have supportive coworkers

Retirement is going fine for Dwyane Wade

Virginia hero Kyle Guy’s high school put his SI cover over the front door

Not sports

A crazy fight at an Akron gas station included women spraying gasoline on each other and swinging the gas pumps. ... The guy currently destroying Jeopardy! broke his own single-game record with winnings over $130,000. ... George Lucas helped direct a scene in the Game of Thrones premiere. 

Who says no?

Yawn, nothing weird here

Anybody know the answer?

Conan learns Australian slang

A good song

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