Where did they go? What's become of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl champion Boise State players

Ten years after Boise State's stunning upset of Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, what happened to the stars of the Broncos' win and what are they up to now?

Football: Two years in the NFL (Texans, Steelers); two years in the CFL (Edmonton). Today: Real estate sales and investment in Boise.
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QB Jared Zabransky

Football: Two years in the NFL (Bears, Raiders, Eagles); two years in the CFL (Hamilton). Today: Software engineer for James Enterprise in Boise.
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WR Drisan James

Football: Did not play professionally. Today: Financial adviser at Tadman Financial in Boise.
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FS Marty Tadman

Football: Three years in the NFL (Vikings, Cardinals, Lions, Dolphins, 49ers). Today: State Farm insurance agent in Boise.
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RB Ian Johnson

Football: Two years in the NFL (Cowboys, 49ers); one year in arena football (Boise Burn). Today: Change scheduler for Boeing in Seattle.
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WR Jerard Rabb

Football: Six years in the NFL (Chargers, Panthers, Dolphins). Today: Owner and operator of four businesses in San Diego.
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WR Legedu Naanee

Football: One year in the NFL (Vikings). Today: Orthopedics supplies sales rep at Stryker Corp. in Boise.
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WR Vinny Perretta

Football: Five years in the NFL (won Super Bowl XLV with the Packers; Saints, Cardinals). Today: Manager at Engineered Structures Inc. in Boise.
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LB Korey Hall

Football: Four years in the NFL (Bills, Rams, Redskins, Saints). Today: Boise State football quality-control assistant.
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TE Derek Schouman


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